The Empower Difference

Implementing ERP software that impacts the bottom line

Since 1989, Empower Business Solutions has been helping small and midsize businesses make the jump from basic accounting systems like QuickBooks or outdated legacy software, to a fully integrated ERP system. The systems we deploy are defined and measured on the economic impact they have for the customers' profitability and operational efficiency. Empower has successfully guided Distribution and Manufacturing companies through the process of implementing the ERP system that meets their industry, business process, and inventory management requirements.

We listen, ask questions, then make honest recommendations 

Our goal is to know what’s holding your business back. Understanding the motivations behind the system change is how we measure and deliver a positive ROI for customers. Establishing the right software fit and the right vendor fit determines the success of any large-scale project.

Our approach is to learn:

  • If you could change five things in your business, what would they be?
  • What is the biggest opportunity you see in your business?
  • What are the biggest challenges you have in your business?
  • What are the five most important results you need to happen for this project to be a success?

This discovery process puts everyone on the same page, sets expectations, and begins to outline a path forward.

Local presence and proactive relationships

Over the last 30 years, we've built a reputation as problem-solvers that eliminate barriers for future growth. We’ve stayed alongside multiple customers as they grew from less than $50mm in annual revenues to over $200mm. Because we choose to work primarily with customers inside a three-hour circle of our Altoona-based office, our staff can provide a personal touch that remote companies can’t. An onsite presence can mean the difference between a successful, or a failed ERP implementation. 

As your business grows and requirements change Empower will continually work to meet expectations. Working with small and midsize companies with revenues from tens of millions to hundreds of millions has exposed our nimble team to all sorts of challenges.  A straightforward approach and a commitment to getting the job done right continues to differentiate us.