Acumatica 2021 R1 Release

Acumatica's 2021 R1 will become available this month. Continuing with their customer-first methodology, the newest release will focus on further developing Acumatica's highest-ranked usability, core functionality, and ERP platform flexibility which has made the system a preferred choice among small and mid-market companies.

Some new features that will save customers time and effort include:

  • Automatically create contacts from business cards using your phone
  • Easily send targeted customer communication through filtered GI (generic inquiry) results
  • Simplify operations with centralized vendor management
  • Increase the quality of CRM data with Acumatica’s new "deduplication" technology
  • Maximize sales and simplify support by tracking contacts on sales orders
  • Set dynamic goals and track your KPIs at-a-glance with our new KPI Meter on dashboards

For Distribution Companies:

  • Streamline cross-company sales with stock items—and automatically create corresponding purchase orders and sales orders
  • Maximize product offerings to your target market through enhanced drop-ship workflows

For Manufacturing and Field Service Companies:

  • Make accurate delivery commitments to customers through APS capable-to-promise capabilities
  • Simplify cost tracking by linking AP bills to service appointments

This is a partial list of the new features found in Acumatica's latest software release. In 2021 R1, Acumatica continues to strengthen its future-proof cloud platform with unique features that are optimized for performance, scalability, and security.