Acumatica Cloud ERP: The year past and the path forward

This year Acumatica Summit has a pretty simple, yet meaningful tagline: Collaborate, Innovate, Accelerate. This over-arching message says everything about the team at Acumatica and the software that continues to help companies achieve more through a fully integrated ERP.

Let's take a quick look at Acumatica by the numbers:

  • The #1 fastest growing cloud-based ERP in the market (still)
  • 3 years in a row of winning PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award for Best ERP Software
  • 1,200 new customers using Acumatica in 2018
  • Over 5,000 total Acumatica customers and growing
  • Over 1 billion transactions processed in 2018
  • Over 100 million log-ins by end-users in 2018
  • 74% of employees working on R&D (way more than any other ERP company)
  • 97% support satisfaction
  • Over 150 ISV partners (independent software vendors) bringing industry-specific solutions that help expand the functionality

The Acumatica Product Vision:

  • Continue to deliver the best in class ERP system through continuous investments into core functionality and R&D (74% of Acumatica employees focus solely on R&D). The strength and depth of Acumatica’s development team are head and shoulders above any other ERP focused company.
  • Focus on the seamless cross-module workflows and usability to achieve best in class user experience (Acumatica recently ranked highest in Customer Usability by Nucleus Research).
  • Shorten implementation time and lower costs through integrated implementation and migration. This makes the (sometimes) cumbersome process of moving data over from your legacy system to Acumatica smoother and easier

Product Enhancements Upcoming:

  • Conditional highlighting for companies and branches to easily tell which one you are in and working on. Also available for Generic Inquiries to easily flag (or not).
  • Multi-factor authentication, i.e. receiving a text message to log in for an added security layer.
  • Increased resources and end-user training (for free) in the Customer Portal
  • Tableau integration for enhanced data visualization and dashboarding
  • AI and Machine Learning enhancements
  • UX experience across the board

The cross-module functionality in Acumatica remains, unlike any other ERP system. In no other ERP on the market can you seamlessly connect and work within Project Management, Field Service, CRM, Financials, and Distribution from the same system of record using one database. It just doesn’t happen anywhere else except for Acumatica.

So where do the engineers and programmers get some of these great ideas for how to improve Acumatica? From end-users of course! Acumatica regularly holds focus groups, takes part in the community sites, and reviews their support cases in order to make the product better. They also go right to the source and visit with select customers throughout the year to really understand the needs and requirements that are driving these process enhancements. These same customers may be testing the changes just months later.

Acumatica again has shown its dedication to improving its Cloud ERP software through market-leading initiatives and moving swiftly to bring these features to end-users, all while providing great customer service.

Contact us to learn why other companies like yours have chosen Acumatica and are really happy they did.