How ERP Software Creates a Competitive Edge for your Business

In a February 2016 Hartford Business article, leveraging modern technologies to maintain a competitive advantage was addressed, “At the center of this fundamental shift in IT are mobile and cloud-based technologies…this advantage is fueled by the emergence of cloud technologies. More and more customers are beginning to see the value of cloud services and how they can not only support an effective mobile/digital strategy but modernize operational technology.”

Keeping your business software applications up-to-date is an important part of remaining competitive. For instance, modern manufacturers should have the ability to access all relevant data for planning and scheduling, while providing exceptional customer service.

Today’s cloud-based ERP software should be the hub for all your company’s data. Real-time access for information that can help predict potential errors before they occur, eliminating hours of backlogged service requests and other operational inefficiencies, that outdated systems (typically) can cause.

If quality customer service and product life cycle management are pillars of your current and future success, but you feel your business systems are insufficient to carry you forward, Empower can help. The Empower team can implement the ERP software that is right for your business with a strong focus on aligning your people and processes for the biggest impact and competitive advantage. Sitting back and waiting for the right time, or for something to really go wrong, is not a strategy for productive growth. It's like trying to “time” the stock market – no one can firmly classify a recession until 3-6 months into a down market, at which point you’ve already taken a big hit.

Don’t simplify your ERP search and implementation as a “technology purchase.” Instead, make it a genuine review of your business, its operations and processes, and a path forward using modern business management applications to create opportunity and value.

Skimping on business software investments in order to spend in other areas like marketing and sales can create a wide gap in your quote-to-cash process. Creating and approaching your software search with a ERP blue print will prepare you and your employees for the upcoming change, and document the vision that will carry your organization into 2020 and beyond. When your business is growing, providing employees the business applications that align best with their role, enhances internal processes, and creates an explosive advantage.

If we dig further into the benefits of cloud-based ERP software, we know that one competitive advantage will be the seamless adoption by millennial hires. We know that millennials are choosing employers who have implemented modern technologies that allow them to be most productive. In fact, an article from in 2018 states, “In order to attract and retain talent, businesses need to adapt workplace culture to accommodate the progressive, tech-driven approach millennials have, as well as the generations that will follow them. Sticking to the status quo will only increase employee turnover, which will be costly.”

So, if you’re not thinking that predictive data, exceptional processes, or meeting future hiring goals by selecting the right ERP system will keep you competitive, your competitors certainly are.

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