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Acumatica Demos

Acumatica ERP Overview

This demo gives an overview of what to expect with Acumatica’s robust Cloud ERP. 

Manufacturing Overview

Acumatica ERP provides real-time coordination of activities across your entire manufacturing business.

Distribution Management Overview

This demo gives an overview of what to expect with Acumatica’s robust Cloud ERP. 

Going from Quote-to-Cash

Short demo of how Acumatica can manage your business from Quote-to-Cash.

Acumatica CRM Overview

Overview and high level discussion of the software architecture of the Acumatica Customer Management Suite.

Project Accounting Overview

Demonstration of project accounting and job costing in Acumatica cloud ERP.

Acumatica Training Videos

Getting Started with Acumatica ERP:

This training will be useful for people who do not have any experience with Acumatica ERP. Completion of this training will give a basic understanding of the Acumatica ERP UI elements, forms, and reports. You will be shown how to search in Acumatica and use filters. During a training webinar, you will work with table layouts and will personalize your dashboards. You will work with data entry forms and reports, add them to your favorites, and configure your basic working environment.

  • Session 1 Recording – accessing Acumatica, and navigating the Acumatica user interface
  • Session 2 Recording – searching, sorting & filtering, and adjusting the table layout in Acumatica
  • Session 3 Recording – working with data entry forms and personalizing dashboards in Acumatica
  • Session 4 Recording – working with reports, managing favorites, educational resources, and managing your basic working environment in Acumatica

Acumatica Financials:

These instructor-led sessions will walk you through the basic operations in the general ledger and guide you through the process of creating and posting GL batches. You will learn the accounts payable and accounts receivable processes and learn how to create AP bills, payments, prepayment, checks, AR invoices, and credit memos. You will learn about the process of reconciling a cash account with a bank statement, which is a preparation step for period-end procedures. You will learn how to close, lock, unlock, and reopen financial periods and how to generate a financial calendar for a new financial year.

Sales & Purchase Order:

These sessions will walk through the sales order management and purchase order management processes in Acumatica ERP. You will learn to process purchase and sales orders, and returns of different types.

Prices & Discounts:

In this course, you will learn how to configure various types of sales prices and customer discounts, as well as how to create a sales price worksheet and a vendor price worksheet. You will learn to apply correct sales prices and customer discounts to AR invoices and sales orders, to update sales prices and customer discounts, and to analyze GL batches the system creates when posting a document with discounts. You will also learn what types of organizational structures can exist and be configured in Acumatica ERP, and how to configure inter-branch balancing transactions.

Inventory Replenishments & Purchase Requisitions:

The Inventory Replenishment and Purchase Requisitions instructor-led sessions will walk you through the replenishment and purchase requisitions processes in Acumatica ERP. You will learn to configure replenishment in the system and prepare documents for purchasing items by using the replenishment functionality in various scenarios. Also, you will learn how to calculate replenishment parameters in the system, and how to purchase items with requests and requisitions involved.

  • Session 1 Recording – replenishment of stock items in Acumatica
  • Session 2 Recording – calculation of replenishment parameters based on demand forecast  |  basic and advanced purchase requisition processes

CRM Sales Operations:

In the CRM Sales Operations sessions, you will learn about how to automate sales operations in Acumatica ERP. After you complete the course, you will have an understanding of how to perform basic sales operations by using the CRM functionality in Acumatica ERP. You will learn to qualify leads, manage customer contacts, perform communication with customers by using the tools that Acumatica ERP provides, and log activities of any kind.