Empower ERP Consulting

Helping small and midsize businesses strategically organize, plan and move forward with ERP software decisions.

Empower ERP Consulting, a division of Empower Business Solutions, is wholly focused on assisting small and midsize companies in our region make a decision surrounding their ERP software needs. Whether you're a growing business and considering your options or have the responsibility to correct a failed project, Empower ERP Consulting can help. We have 30 years of experience managing implementations of all sizes, allowing us to apply our knowledge in helping you do the due diligence needed to find the ERP system right for your unique business.

Empower Business Solutions has been partnering with businesses as they select, implement, customize, and properly utilize their ERP solutions for 30 years. Our team and our services have expanded during that time but we've always kept our customers front and center.

ERP Consulting Services provided:

  • Discovery Process: includes reviewing the current system, its shortcomings and the software requirements for a new ERP system
  • ERP Blueprint Creation: strategically mapping out the internal requirements and fully documenting the quote-to-cash process
  • Selection Processes: narrowing down the field of ERP systems
  • Recommendations or referral to Empower Business Solutions
  • Failed Project Review and Recommendations: reviving ERP implementations that have been stalled or ended

Why use a consultant and not just an ERP vendor themselves?

Because of the complications involved with ERP software facilitation and selection, hiring an independent ERP expert is becoming a critical first step. Experienced ERP consultants use an established approach to reduce the time, effort, resources and costs associated with ERP selection and implementation. They should provide you with a blueprint for your ERP project. In some cases, they may determine you are not ready for a full-scale ERP.

When you retain us, we will lead an ERP system discovery project to learn your current challenges, business processes, and goals. We will create an ERP blueprint that will enable you to select the best system to support your growth now and in the future.

At the end of our consulting agreement, you will have the choice to engage with Empower Business Solutions on one of our preferred ERP solutions or to use your completed blueprint for another solution. We are Gold implementation partners of Microsoft Dynamics GP and Acumatica Cloud ERP, which can be explored if and when the time comes. Either way, we see you through until a decision has been made so that your ERP system implementation is successful.

Why do projects fail?

Project failures result from a variety of reasons including poor discovery, leadership changes, unexpected additions of needs, and lack of a project management team or blueprint.

Over the last decade, it’s become increasingly apparent that making an ERP software decision without the correct preliminary consulting can be a major waste of money and resources. It takes professional discovery and listening to create an ERP project blueprint and to determine which ERP solutions would work for you. In fact, the right preliminary consulting can save you both money and frustrations.

    To learn more about Empower ERP Consulting and how it can be in an asset in your search for a fully integrated ERP system, reach out to us now.