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Why they chose Empower.
Imler’s Poultry, established in 1903, faced numerous progress barriers with reporting, warehouse management, and finding the right support to help them with their accelerated growth. Imler’s now uses Empower Business Solutions to not only oversee their continued ERP updates and support but to ensure they are using their technology in the right manner to keep them growing and competitive.

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“We’ve always had plenty of data. It’s just a matter of putting it into a form where it’s helpful. And Empower has made that happen for us.”
Greg Drew, President
Value Drug Company (Wholesale distribution)
"Since working with Empower, we’ve been blessed with five years of tremendous growth. We now have no technology constraints in growing our business.”
Missy Lovrich, CFO
Imler's Poultry (Distribution & Transportation)
"There’s a trust factor here. When Empower suggests solutions to any challenge we have, we trust they are good, solid solutions."
Phil Sukenik, VP of Human Resources
Hoss's Steak and Sea House (Restaurant chain and meat fabrication plant)