ERP Software Integration & Development

Empower understands that most companies have internal processes and requirements that are unique to them, which most ERP systems will not meet out-of-the-box. That’s why we have skilled programmers that can customize the ERP software when needed. They can integrate software to other systems, develop specific applications in and outside the core ERP, and build custom reports.

Empower's services include:

  • Solution design and configuration 
  • Real-time integration between the ERP system and other software programs 
  • Creation of custom screens and fields to match your business processes 
  • Business intelligence dashboards and custom reporting tools 
  • Application configuration 
  • Support and training

We’ve helped our customers by developing solutions that drive day-to-day functions for financials, sales, inventory and customer transactions. Often these solutions can be integrated with the customer’s existing business applications and work in conjunction with their ERP system. Need to have access to historical information? No problem. We’ve also assisted customers by migrating their current and historical information from legacy systems to their new ERP system or providing look-up access to past data. Whatever your requirements, we will work with you to develop a path forward that will help your business succeed. 

Our services also include sourcing industry-specific applications that integrate with new or existing business software, which can be deployed without the need for customizations. As your business continues to grow we’re here to offer the support you need, and will proactively recommend software solutions to enhance your ERP investment. If your requirements change or become more complex, our services can scale to meet those changing needs and make sure there are no hurdles moving forward.  

Listen to some of our clients tell you how we’ve provided customized ERP solutions, which provide them the data they need to improve performance and increase productivity.