Financial Management

Feature-rich accounting suite fully integrated with all areas of the business

Acumatica's Financial management software provides businesses with standard and complex accounting functions needed to track financial operations and generate financial statements. Tools for financial reporting, drill-down analysis, budgeting, and planning are included out-of-the-box. In addition, enjoy the ability to create personalized dashboards, manage multiple entities, and work from anywhere. Depending on your requirements, accounting can be fully integrated with Customer Management (CRM), Inventory and Order Management, along with other industry-specific functionality. 

The core financial applications include:

General Ledger

Flexible accounts and subaccounts to enter batches, transactions, and vouchers.

Accounts Payable

Pay bills, credit/debit adjustments, prepayments, track vendors and balances, initiate payments (print checks, ACH, credit cards).

Accounts Receivable

Invoicing, credit/debit memos, overdue charges, credit limits, credit terms, write-offs, receive and apply payments, and view statements.

Cash Management 

Manage cash transactions, credit card payments, deposits, and bank reconciliation.


Define up to 10 segments to break out GL accounts for tracking or reporting.

Financial Calendar 

Maintain calendars for individual companies or maintain a single calendar for all companies.


Automatically allocate GL transaction amounts between accounts, sub-accounts, and branches.


Import balances from multiple tenants for consolidated financial reporting.

Reporting and Data Analysis

Use generic inquiries, pivot tables, Acumatica's Report Designer, or Analytical Report Manager (AR) to modify hundreds of included reports/dashboards or build your own.


Assign user roles to restrict access to any screen, data field, or specific action.


Create workflows, schedule processes, and set up notifications.

1099 Reporting

Track 1099 payments to vendors and produce reports.

Empower's team members have a strong accounting background (the President used to work in public accounting). All systems start with financials and grow from there - land and expand. If you've outgrown QuickBooks, Acumatica's future-proof platform is the perfect next step in scaling your business.