Professional Services

For service companies that need a Project Accounting system

We understand your work demands dictate cash flow. Cash flow can sometimes be tight as you wait for project completion to get paid. Whether you are an engineering firm, architectural firm, a law firm, or the like, you need to be able to track project profitability while providing top-notch customer service to your clients. 

Track Project Costs

Define project-related costs and their relationship based on project phases, budgets, resources, cost rates, and utilization. Accurately report earnings by mixing and matching multiple revenue recognition methods such as time & material, project progress, elapsed time, or specific periods. Track inventory items, non-stock items, labor, services, and view budget variances.

Advanced Billing

Meet client billing requirements and adapt to a variety of contract terms. Bill projects partially or in their entirety, across multiple projects or companies, and recognize revenue based on completion percentage or tasks. Establish schedules for fixed-rate invoicing and automate invoice generation. Customize your billing rates by type of work being done, specific employee, or by the project. 

Time & Expense

Capturing time and expenses from remote locations is doable on any operating system and on any device. Utilize approval processes through a specified workflow. Link timesheets and/or activities to specific projects. Produce reports to give you up-to-date information on the profitability and productivity of all your projects by phase, activity or resource. 

Since 1989, we've guided customers through the process of successfully implementing ERP software. Contact us if you need help choosing or implementing a Project Accounting system.