Acumatica Cloud ERP

Cloud-based ERP software for all of your company’s needs 

The leading provider of cloud-based business management software, Acumatica, enables small and mid-size businesses to unlock their full potential and drive growth. You can take control of your business with a fully integrated ERP solution that also enables you to align all the areas of your business under one roof. Your finance department, operations, sales and marketing, and warehouse employees will all be on the same page and utilizing the same central system. 

Why does Acumatica stand out from other cloud ERP systems?

  • Acumatica's modern design
  • Flexible Licensing and Deployment options  
  • Accessible from Anywhere, on Any Device, and Any Operating System – Apple, Android, Windows, all play nice with Acumatica. 
  • Unlimited User model means you can add and remove users any time without having to pay a fee. Acumatica is sold by Resource Level (processing power). They are the only ERP company with this model and it’s why they are the fastest growing Cloud ERP.  

Acumatica offers multiple product suites, the Financials (accounting) being the core. Acumatica’s four base software suites are:  

  • Financials (PDF) - Financial Management suite to streamline operations, real-time visibilty with personalized dashboards, and the ability to manage multiple entities.
  • Distribution (PDF) - Distribution Management suite to gain real-time visibility into available inventory, inventory in transit, and costs. Determine profitability by warehouse, location, product line, or business unit. Set rules for drop shipments, returns, and credit limits.
  • CRM (PDF) - Customer Relationship Management suite, fully integrated with your ERP. Lead and opportunity management, quoting, sales and delivery, post-sales support and customer service all in one place. Sales dashboards and an add-in for Microsoft Outlook make this a great tool.
  • Project Accounting (PDF) - Project Accounting suite to track all project-related costs, inventory, time sheets, billing rates based on type of work, revenue based on percentage complete, and profitability comparison of budgeted versus actual.

There are additional software modules tailored by industry for Manufacturing, Field Service, and Nonprofit, as well as other software products to increase functionality.  

To visit Acumatica’s site and review the Product Editions and Suites, CLICK HERE

Whichever product suite you need, there are different licensing and hosting options. The flexibility of Acumatica means there’s a model and cost to fit most company’s budget and needs. Options to consider include: 

  • SaaS - annual software subscription on a public cloud. All infrastructure and upgrades are handled by Acumatica. 
  • Private Cloud Subscription - hosted in a private cloud with a hosting provider that you choose, or on-premises, and manage all software upgrades.
  • Perpetual (purchase) - the more traditional method of outright buying the software either installing on-premises, or hosting it in a private cloud of your choice. There will be an annual maintenance fee with this deployment option, which provides upgrade rights to new software versions.

We’ve been helping small and midsize businesses through the process of upgrading their accounting software for nearly 30 years. Contact us at any time to learn more about the advantages of cloud-based business software and to see if Acumatica is the right fit for your business.