Implementing ERP Software since 1989 to help growing companies overcome obstacles and reach their goals.


  • A complete end-to-end ERP system for small & midsize businesses.
  • Make real-time decisions with clean and customizable data.
  • Access your system from any browser and from any device.
  • Communicate simpler with custom workflow processes.
  • Attract new talent and train new hires more quickly.


ERP Software Solutions for:

Get the complete financial picture of your business and automate standard workflow processes.  End the constant rekeying of data and the juggling of multiple spreadsheets. Get everyone in the organization on the same page, using one system, and increase communication and accountability across departments. Find and report on data fast and know it's accurate and up to date.    

Stop the second-guessing with real-time access to available inventory and the ability to accurately forecast reorder points. Track your inventory costs and utilize multiple valuation methods. Reduce the excess inventory sitting on your shelves and the capital tied up in it. Streamline your order fulfillment and maximize margin on your most profitable items.

Manage the entire Quote-to-Cash process from one system. Includes pick, pack, and ship functionality, built-in CRM, advanced inventory management, and real-time profitability dashboards. Streamline sales orders, order fulfillment, warehouse management, and more.

The complete system manufacturers need to track costs, meet schedules, manage inventory and production orders. Includes Bill of Materials and Routing, Production Management, Materials Requirements Planning, and much more.​

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What Customers Are Saying

“We’ve always had plenty of data. It’s just a matter of putting it into a form where it’s helpful. And Empower has made that happen for us.”
Greg Drew, President
Value Drug Company (Wholesale distribution)
"Since working with Empower, we’ve been blessed with five years of tremendous growth. We now have no technology constraints in growing our business.”
Missy Lovrich, CFO
Imler's Poultry (Distribution & Transportation)
"There’s a trust factor here. When Empower suggests solutions to any challenge we have, we trust they are good, solid solutions."
Phil Sukenik, VP of Human Resources
Hoss's Steak and Sea House (Restaurant chain and meat fabrication plant)