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At Empower, we make a difference by implementing business management systems that address core problems and solve needs. These needs include the ability to accommodate rapid growth, streamline data and accounting, optimize inventory control, seamlessly integrate systems, and harness the power of the cloud.

We believe in acting as consultants first. That means listening to our customers, asking the right questions, and making honest recommendations.

Acumatica ERP Support

Leveraging the experience of Empowers’ consultants, the goal of the Acumatica Support Pack is to maximize the use and functionality of the system.

ERP Software Consulting

Empower Business Solutions is wholly focused on assisting small and midsize companies to make a decision surrounding their ERP software needs.

ERP Roadmap & Development

If your business has disconnected departments or is not efficiently tracking inventory and fulfilling orders, then ERP software can help.


Motivation to Upgrade or Implement an ERP

Our primary goal is to identify process obstacles that hinder your business growth and deliver a positive ROI by understanding the motivations behind a system change.

Enhanced Scalability

Upgrading your ERP system allows businesses to accommodate growth and expansion seamlessly, avoiding the limitations of outdated systems and ensuring that the software can handle increased transaction volumes and data requirements.

Streamlined Data Management

By moving away from spreadsheets and adopting a modern ERP solution, businesses can centralize their data, eliminate manual errors, and gain real-time visibility into critical information, facilitating accurate and informed decision-making.

Optimized Inventory Control

Upgrading your ERP enables businesses to efficiently manage their inventory by implementing automated tracking, demand forecasting, and replenishment mechanisms. This helps reduce stock-outs, improve order fulfillment, and minimize carrying costs, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and profitability.

Seamless System Integration

Outdated ERP systems often lack the ability to communicate and integrate with other business systems, resulting in data silos, manual data entry, and inefficient processes. Upgrading to a modern ERP allows for seamless integration with various software applications, enabling data sharing, process automation, and improved operational efficiency.

Harnessing the Power of the Cloud

Transitioning to a cloud-based ERP solution provides numerous benefits, such as remote accessibility, automatic updates, data backup and security, and cost savings on infrastructure. Cloud-based ERPs offer businesses flexibility, scalability, and enhanced collaboration, empowering them to stay competitive in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Owners and executives must realize that without the right software, your business can lose millions of dollars in revenue and man-hours. Since 1989, our focus has been on implementing ERP software to enhance efficiency, profitability, and overall growth for our customers.

Our approach involves learning from our customers and asking them about their desired changes, biggest opportunities, challenges, and important results (BHAGS) needed for the project to be considered a success. By drilling down into each question and gathering feedback from all departments and decision-makers, we set expectations and outline a path forward.

At Empower, we believe that local presence and proactive relationships matter. Over the past 30+ years, we’ve gained a reputation as problem-solvers that eliminate barriers to future growth. We work primarily with customers within a three-hour radius of our Altoona-based office, allowing us to provide a personal touch that remote companies can’t match. An onsite presence can be the difference between a successful or failed ERP implementation.

As your business grows and requirements change, we’ll continue to work closely with you to meet those expectations. We’ve worked with small and midsize companies with revenues ranging from tens of millions to hundreds of millions, exposing our nimble team to all sorts of challenges. Our straightforward approach and commitment to getting the job done right continue to set us apart.


“Since working with Empower, we’ve been blessed with five years of tremendous growth. We now have no technology constraints in growing our business.”
Missy Lovrich, Imler’s Poultry, CFO
 (Distribution & Transportation)

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