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ERP Software Consulting

Empower has helped small and midsize businesses organize, plan, and implement ERP software since 1989.


Empower Business Solutions is wholly focused on assisting SMBs to make a decision surrounding their ERP software needs.

If you’re reviewing options or have the responsibility to correct a failed project, our experienced staff is here to help. We have over 30 years of experience deploying ERP systems of all sizes and apply that knowledge to assist you in choosing or implementing the system that’s right for your business.


ERP Software Consulting Services include


Discovery Sessions

Discovery sessions to review the current system, locate the process gaps, and map out the software requirements for a new ERP system.

Project Review & Recommendations

Failed project review and recommendations, to revive or restart implementations that have stalled or ended.

ERP Roadmap

ERP process planning, implementation support, and project management.


Why bring in an ERP consultant?

Due to the complex nature of ERP software selection, working with an independent consultant can provide an objective viewpoint. Without an internal process review and proper planning, companies struggle to define a system that meets their needs. We can help document and drill down into workflows, inventory control, financials, warehouse management, order fulfillment, sales, and more – the entire Quote-to-Cash process and the gaps that exist. The right consulting engagement can give you a more confident approach to selecting and implementing a system that requires a hefty investment of time and resources.

Experienced ERP consultants use an established approach to reduce time and effort. Once the service is complete, there is the option to review our preferred ERP solution, Acumatica, or move forward with another solution. Either way, we can support the ERP selection and implementation process as long as needed.


“We’ve always had plenty of data. It’s just a matter of putting it into a form where it’s helpful. And Empower has made that happen for us.”

Greg Drew, President, Value Drug Company
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