QuickBooks is great for businesses that rely primarily on accounting. It is well established, quick to set up, and affordable. But once your business is consistently doing seven-figure revenue and growing each year, then replacing QuickBooks is a natural step in that growth. As a business scales and the requirements become more complex you don’t want to be searching for another piece of software to “bolt onto” QuickBooks while still juggling multiple spreadsheets. Once you realize that one large order could turn into an operational nightmare, it’s time to replace QuickBooks with ERP software.

Here are some common reasons companies choose to replace QuickBooks with a fully integrated and scalable ERP system:

  1. They can’t continue running the business inside of spreadsheets. There are too many errors, manual rekeying, and headaches moving information between workbooks.
  2. Pricing strategies needed for vendors and customers have become too complex for QuickBooks to handle.
  3. Product cycle time is waning because of disconnected processes and multiple system applications.
  4. Lack of inventory management and inventory control is affecting fulfillment, delivery schedules, and forecasting. 
  5. The sales team is making promises the back office can’t meet and the workflow breakdowns are abundant across departments.

QuickBooks is great for early-stage companies, but once a company is growing and reaching higher revenue targets consistently, then it’s ready for an ERP system that can continue to scale with the company. If you’ve reached the breaking point and need to lead the company towards a strategic shift, we can help. We’ve helped many growing businesses change from QuickBooks and successfully implement a fully integrated ERP system that can run the entire business from quote to cash.

If you’re serious about growing your business with a proven ERP system and a team behind it that guarantees a successful implementation, then contact us today to discuss your business requirements.