Distribution Management

ERP software providing fully integrated solutions for Distributors looking to automate their quote-to-cash cycle. 

To be competitive and profitable, wholesale distributors must respond to the demands of customers, reduce internal costs by automating critical business processes, and ensure delivery times and schedules are coordinated.  Best-in-class distributors have demand forecasting that maintains inventory levels, integrated data collection solutions, accurate order picking, and basic warehouse management. 

Our ERP solutions are a fit for Distributors looking for:

  • Fast sales order processing with advanced invoicing 
  • Flexible pricing with automatic updates
  • Efficient delivery logistics from pick/pack/ship through transport management 
  • Reorder level management 
  • Returns management 
  • Basic warehouse management with optional add-ons 
  • Compliance with constantly changing regulations

Food and Beverage distributors: 

In addition, Empower also have extensive experience working with Food and Beverage Distributors. If you need to: 

  • Manage forward and scheduled sales orders, catalog-based sales and schedule customer calls 
  • Build customer specific deals quickly and easily, including rebate agreements 
  • Optimize purchasing to ensure the right balance of customer service and inventory investment 
  • Utilize industry specific solutions such as catch weights and effective lot and batch tracking for perishable goods 

Deploying these flexible solutions can give your company a significant competitive advantage by helping to meet customers' demands more effectively, lower the cost of operations, and improve customer satisfaction.